10 best website builders

We analyzed 10 of the most famous website builders. We offer our brief overview.

Sites are created for a variety of purposes. Companies are trying to promote their brands. Shops sell goods. People develop blogs or make good money on advertising.

There are numerous problems with creating sites. Where to find the right platform? How to choose a suitable template? How to make your site unique? However, all these decisions have to be paid. The developer and designer cost much. But it’s a better solution.

If there is not enough money to pay for the developer — don’t worry. You can use website builders. You will spend a minimum amount of time adjusting the Internet resource. The secret is simple and intuitive tools for work. You can do without additional learning.

There are site builders for saving money. They offer quite interesting opportunities for users. Hundreds of templates, significant speed, high reliability and affordable price. However, builders are also different.  Like any of us, the platforms have similar and distinctive features. We compared them to the most important parameters and formed our own rating.

We took into account dozens of parameters and proposed our own site builder rating for the 2019 year. But let’s start with the general information. And then we will give information about builders and some advice.

Who needs site builders?

Site builders are the best option for small businesses or individuals. But other users can work, too. For example, such tools are useful for:

  • founders of a small business;
  • writers;
  • musicians;
  • photographers;
  • freelancers;
  • bloggers;
  • artists;
  • etc.

The list can be extended. Usually, this group of users includes organizations and people who do not want to overpay for their own site but would like to have good quality results.

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