Why we must pay for website builders

Why we must pay for website builders

Many members of our rating offer a free opportunity. The customer may not pay, however, get acquainted with the functionality of the builder. Most users think of it from the beginning. But it’s too perfect for the truth. If a client uses a free version, it encounters the following three issues.

Problem # 1 — Where is the domain name?

You worked very well with the settings of your site. You may have lost many hours. It seems that you only have to do only one: press the “Publish” button and enjoy the result.

But you have forgotten one small nuance — you need a normal domain. For example, builders offer you web addresses like YourBusiness.My-Free-Site.com or your business. Constant Contact.com.

Is it professionally? Of course not.

Is it unique? Of course not.

Will users have serious thoughts about your site? Of course not.

If you want to create a site with a professional or business orientation, then customer confidence is one of the important success factors. Of course, your YourSite.com domain. or YourBusiness.com is much better.

The builders provide “free domain name”, but there are certain restrictions that we will talk about soon.

Problem # 2 — Builders limit the plan

The word “free” is sweet. But then you read the small font and everything becomes in place. You get limited functionality. You must pay to use the features that are not available. For example:

If you want to choose among more than 10 templates, you have to pay.

If you would like to receive an email account in [email protected] format, you must pay.

If you want to use a contact or video form, add photos or videos, you must pay.

If you want to create a small e-commerce store, you have to pay.

If you need help from the support service, you must pay.

If you want to get acquainted with the statistics of the site, you must pay.

In any case, you have to pay. And this list is still far from the end.

Of course, builders assure that they give the user free access. Instead, your opportunities are so limited that you have to buy access to new services. As a result, you pay more than the cheapest plan.

However, your experience of using a “free” builder will not be unique. Thousands of users encounter this problem. It’s hard to spend $ 1 to get acquainted with the full functionality of the builder. Therefore, it’s better to read reviews and watch video reviews rather than lose your time and money being disappointed.

Problem # 3 – You do not control your site

Probably you spend a lot of time adding your site to new articles, instructions or positions in the online store. It seems that everyone in their places and your site is close to the ideal.

Customers are transitioning and registering on your site. And then your Internet resource becomes inaccessible. You are writing to the support team and after a waiting period of about 30 minutes, you receive a disappointing message. You are reported to be very sorry, but you have violated the terms of using the free version of the site, so access to it has been suspended. If you want to continue using it then you need to pay money. Perhaps it is a bit rough, but the essence of these messages is reduced to this.

A normal site builder costs from $ 5 to $ 20 a month. You also get a domain (sometimes with an additional charge), and access to the full functionality and the site is not excluded because you have something touched. However, you need to analyze which designer is best for you and make the right choice.

Builders of sites: which one is best to choose?

In most cases, site builders are a great opportunity for beginners or small businesses. You become the owner of the worksite in a few days and do what you need.

Which standard option is the best? Use Wix or Constant Contact to implement the schedule.

Which option is suitable for beginners or owners of an online store? Probably it’s Wix.

Which site builder is best for designers, photographers or sites with lots of photos? Most likely, you will find Squarespace builder templates.


Website builders offer great opportunities for site owners. You can actually create an online store, company website or blog. Of course, your originality is limited. But you can improve it with text and images.

The key advantage of website builders is cheapness. You save money on programmer and designer. Instead, you can afford a larger budget for filling the site.

Choose the right site builder for your needs. Make the right decision and realize your dreams.